The presentation was part of a virtual Juneteenth Freedom Day Walk.

By NSC Staff

Photo of the Avery College historical marker on East Ohio Street courtesy of Allegheny City Society

A presentation was held on Friday, June 19 by Rev. Dr. Johnnie Monroe, former Pittsburgh Presbytery Northside pastor, to highlight the history of Avery College on the Northside. Avery College, founded in 1849 by Pittsburgh abolitionist Charles Avery, provided African Americans with a free liberal arts education including the subjects of science, literature, and languages. Avery believed that education could improve race relations in America. 

Monroe’s presentation on Avery College was a part of a greater celebration: a virtual Juneteenth Freedom Day Walk, presented by Stop the Violence Pittsburgh. Attendees ‘made the rounds’ to various historical markers throughout Pittsburgh to learn about the city’s African American history. 

Juneteenth, which takes places on June 19, commemorates the effective end to slavery in the U.S. It’s already declared an official holiday in many states throughout the U.S., but this year, with the continued momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement, there’s been a robust push to declare it a national one.

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