Pittsburgh City Living website needs neighborhood ambassadors


Houses in the Central Northside
Houses in the Central Northside

Pittsburgh City Living, the city website geared toward outsiders where you can find your “perfect neighborhood match,” still needs residents from a large number of neighborhoods to write testimonials for the site.

Testimonial writing for neighborhoods apparently isn’t very popular across the board, since about 50 neighborhoods still need them.  This is surprising, considering how much Pittsburghers love their neighborhoods and communities.

That being said, two of the Northside neighborhoods that still need testimonials–“East Allegheny” and “Marshall-Shadeland”–might have them already had the city called them what the neighbors call them.  But, to the city’s credit, the sites do at least call them “Deutschtown” and “Brightwood” in the first sentence of the neighborhoods’ descriptions.

There’s no telling how successful Pittsburgh City Living will be at bringing people to Pittsburgh, but it might not be a bad idea to give our neighborhoods testimonials.  At least, if for no other reason, to let the uninformed know what our neighborhoods are really supposed to be called.

Here’s the list of Northside neighborhoods that still need some love (with links to their pages):

If you want to write a testimonial, there’s an orange-ish box on the left-hand side of each page that says “Testimonial” that you can click on to contribute.  It looks like a few neighborhood pages need photos as well.

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