Pirates fans, don’t give up hope: There are about 158 more games to play in the 2019 season.

By Ed Skirtich

Photo by Clifton Loosier

There was no joy for the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 3 in the second game of their two-game set with the Saint Louis Cardinals at PNC Park. The Pirates lost in the 11th inning to the Cardinals 5-4. Despite the team’s loss, about 37,000 fans and I watched the game and saw many thrilling plays from the Pirates team.

The game started strong with superb starting pitcher Chris Archer. Archer threw five innings of shutout ball, making the Pirates lead the Cardinals 4-0. Archer’s enthusiasm and spirit carried to his teammates.

First baseman Josh Bell, starting his third season on the Pirates, hit a fly ball and drove in the first run. Last year, third baseman Colin Moran hit a grand slam home run to be the opening hero. Her almost did it again with a solo home run in the bottom of the eighth inning, making the score tie at 5-5.

A bright moment for Pirates relief pitching came when Francisco Liriano got three Cardinals batters out as they had the bases loaded.

There were too many tragedies through, which ruined a great day for the fans at PNC Park. People with wheelchairs, crutches, walker rollers, and others like myself with health setbacks enjoyed the drama of the game, never knowing if the Pirates could come back.

Generally, infielders have to catch and throw the ball to get the runner out. Pitchers have to throw the ball so the catcher can catch it and it’s not a wild pitch. The Pirates are a major league team, so all of us signed and shook our heads with disbelief at their poor fielding and pitching.

The Pirates were winning 5-4 and closing pitcher Felipe Vasquez needed to step it up to secure a victory for his team. He made a pitch that the Cardinals hit to tie the score at 5-5 in the ninth inning.

Pirates veterans Francisco Cervelli and Starling Marte disappointed all Pirate fans with no clutch hitting. They both had a chance to be Opening Day heroes, but instead failed.
I was quite devastated at the loss, but I gained valuable lessons about winning in life.
Pirates fans, don’t give up hope: There are about 158 more games to play in the 2019 season. Let’s Go Bucs.

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