Pearl brings luxury spa to the Central Northside


Above: Amanda Manol in her Central Northside business, Pearl.

by Lindsay Allen

The first spa of its kind in the Central Northside, Pearl Aesthetic Perfecting Studio’s owner said that luxury is now just the push of a pearl doorbell away.

Proprietor and aesthetic expert Amanda Manol operates the studio, which is located in her own home at 410 Armandale St.

The foyer and living room have been transformed into a posh sitting room for waiting clients, with the treatment room upstairs. The atmosphere emanates the sense of luxury that clients can feel: the décor is a modern take on gothic romanticism, accented by chandeliers, damask wall patterns and pearl-studded flower vases.

Manol decided to open her own studio in the Northside after being unsatisfied with the spa scene in Shadyside and preferring the diversity that the Northside has to offer.

“I was working in Shadyside and I saw how oversaturated the spa industry was over there,” said Manol. “At the time, I had to make a rapid move. I had this space in my house and my house is gorgeous, so I figured there’s a ready market over here wanting services, let’s just do it here. “

Manol is excited to offer accessible luxury to her new and loyal clients throughout Pittsburgh by providing unique treatments and products that cannot be found elsewhere. Manol takes care in the client’s individual needs and provides treatments for any type of skin.

“The new Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial I’m doing, no one else in the industry is doing it,” said Manol. “Not only is it a destination for the Northside because it’s the first and only spa, it’s the destination for the city because it’s the only one to offer the treatments that I do.”

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Manol enjoys pampering clients in every detail, whether it be the complimentary refreshment menu that allows clients to sip champagne while they’re indulged or the specifically tailored treatments with follow-up skincare routine consultations that offer an informative, personalized experience.

Pearl Studio treats clients like VIP, as treatments here mirror those sought after by celebrities around the world—the oxygen facial being a favorite of Madonna’s.

“The atmosphere and the ‘VIP-ness’ of it is special because it’s just me and the client, it’s totally secluded,” said Manol. “You pay the same amount of money [as you would elsewhere,] but you are completely spoiled here.”

Open seven days a week, Pearl Studio offers facials, manicures, pedicures, full body waxing, make-up application, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, and the SkinCeuticals and Intraceuticals skincare lines.

Pearl uses locally-made, organic, chemical-free, and synthetic-free products whenever possible, and is the only spa in the city to use designer products such as Chanel and Butter London nail polishes.

With Pearl Studio, Manol is hoping to bridge the gap between relaxation treatments and medical treatments.

“I don’t want people leaving here and thinking, ‘That was a nice face massage,’ or conversely thinking, ‘I have to hide in my house for a week.’ I want people to really see results without the down time,” said Manol. “I want it to be relaxing, but I want results too.”

Lindsay Allen studies at the University of Pittsburgh and hails from Eastern Pa.

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