Pay-by-plate parking meters installed on North Shore


Above: Mayor Luke Ravenstahl spoke at the ribbon cutting for new parking meters. (by Kelsey Shea).

There will be less jingling and jangling in the pockets of North Shore visitors who park in metered spots ­– major retail areas of Pittsburgh is going quarterless.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, the Pittsburgh Parking Authority and other Pittsburgh leaders celebrated the first of 560 new multi-space metering devices that accept cash or credit cards today on Federal Street.

“Gone are the days when you had to carry a pocket full of quarters. Gone are the days when you have to leave lunch or dinner early to feed the meter,” said Ravenstahl at the ribbon cutting.

He said residents have complained to him about the impractical number of quarters it takes to feed meters since parking costs went up last year.

Sadly, rates will not go down, but residents can pay with their much lighter credit cards at the new “pay-by-plate” meters.  

Twelve machines were installed on the North Shore that will require drivers to punch in their plate numbers to pay for parking.

The Parking Authority said this will be the largest use of the pay-by-plate technology in the country.

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