Obituary: Manchester’s Linda Jo Williams Nelson


Left: Linda Nelson at the 2010 groundbreaking of Columbus Square.

Manchester lost a pivotal brick in its foundation this month with the passing of life-long resident and community advocate Linda Jo Williams Nelson.

Linda passed on March 6 of 2012, just two days before her 68th birthday.

Linda spent the majority of her career as a teacher in Pittsburgh Public Schools, primarily at Martin Luther King Elementary. Outside of school, she served on the board of the Manchester Citizens Corporation for 18 years, where she has held the position of board chair since 2004.

MCC Executive Director LaShawn Burton-Faulk called Linda the breath and fiber of Manchester and noted the key role she played in her community. She was an important part of projects in Manchester that include both the first and second renaissance of Manchester and the Columbus Square housing development.

“She was a pivotal piece in the organization,” said Burton-Faulk. “Linda was one of those people who you look it within an organization and know that she was the foundation of the dream team.”

Linda is survived by her two daughters, three brothers, sister and grandchildren and will be sorely missed in the Manchester community.

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