Northside vendors at 2016 Handmade Arcade


Several Northside vendors invaded the 2016 Handmade Arcade this year at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on Saturday, December 3. Read the list of those vendors below, and if you’re still  short on holiday gifts consider buying from and supporting a friendly Northside neighbor.


Photo by Alyse Horn

Joseph Ulric is from Brighton Heights and the founder of Chillibibbi. Ulric creates handmade bags of all sizes and said he did well at the event last weekend.

“This was my first experience at the Handmade Arcade and it was a good one,” Ulric said. “Hopefully I can get in again next year.”




Rustbelt Workshop

Also from Brighton Heights, Leila and Chris Head of Rustbelt Workshop use wood found in parks and by the river to create plant hangers, lamps, and other nifty pieces that can add character and life to a room.

Rustbelt Workshop at the 2016 Handmade Arcade. Photo courtesy of Leila Head.

“It was wonderful to meet so many new people enamored with out work,” Leila said. “We had tons of great conversations and it was awesome to see all of the Pittsburgh shoppers supporting crafters.”

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North Ave Candles

Although owner Amanda Fenner admitted that she moved out of the Northside this year, her business North Ave. Candles still pays homage to where her shop began. Fenner said that her candles are sold at City Books, 908 Galveston Ave., in Allegheny West and the Mattress Factory, 500 Sampsonia Way, in Central Northside.

She said the event was “a very busy, exciting, and profitable day.”

Photo by Alyse Horn

“I got to see a lot of my favorite crafters, artists and makers who are all busting with talent and creativity,” Fenner said.

North Ave Candles has a plethora of different scents, with some inspired by Honeydukes Sweetshop from the Harry Potter novels.





Other Northside vendors included James Knopf of Naked Geometry, Nola & Vi Lynch, Andy Kehoe of Ben & Andy Kehoe Art, and Doug Schafer & Debbie Allen of Vinyl Resting Place, which are coasters made from upcycled and reclaimed vinyl records and tires.


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