In this monthly column, Northside Public Safety Council President David Stacy shares public safety news for Pittsburgh’s Northside.

By David Stacy

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Training via Wikimedia Commons

The Northside Public Safety Council (NSPSC) will be holding virtual monthly public safety meetings on the first Thursday of every month at 5:30 p.m.

The Zone 1 Police Department will be presenting every month. They address good activity as well as criminal activity that is reported, read monthly crime stats, and then take any questions or concerns. City of Pittsburgh Public Safety Department representative John Tokarski reports activities throughout the city of Pittsburgh, events, programs, and citywide statistics. Housing Authority representative Joy Perker Miller reports on activities in the housing communities of our Northside neighborhoods as well as citywide and takes questions or concerns.                                     

Youth Probation Office representative Dan Carr makes monthly reports on the youth in our neighborhood as well as citywide; no names are mentioned.

These agencies are at our monthly meetings and have the floor in the order they are listed above. We also have guests at our meetings. Our guest speaker for the upcoming meeting on September 3 will be Laura Drogowski from Mayor Peduto’s office. Drogowski will be presenting as well as taking questions and concerns. Jeff Williams from the Diversion Program will be  presenting on programs offered for the youth and on the start of new programs for adults.

We ask that you please join us in our virtual meetings and share your triumphs as well as crime and concerns in your neighborhood. Sharing information from your neighborhood can and does help our fellow neighborhoods. If you see something, say something.

The Zone 1 Police Department’s July 2020 crime statistics for the Northside are now available and can be downloaded below.

As always, please look in on your neighbors who are elderly, disabled, or underserved while keeping in mind the importance of social distancing.                                       

David Stacy is the president of NSPSC. Send questions or concerns by email: or by phone: 412-321-0295.

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