This month: How to avoid being a target for robberies during the shorter days and longer nights of the fall season, plus Thanksgiving meals for families in need.

By: NSC Staff

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Training via Wikimedia Commons

Don’t be a target

As our clocks fall back this month, our days become shorter and our nights longer. Robberies tend to go up this time of year whether it be while we’re out walking, exercising, etc. as well as home and vehicle robberies. If you are out in the public, we encourage you to always stay vigilant, alert, and aware of your surroundings and not to impair your senses—that will make you a potential target. Your home and property should be kept locked at all times; your doors and windows too, especially ones on your ground floor as well as in garages and courtyards. The more your property is lit up, the less target you may be: Keep all exterior lights on through the night. As always, we encourage you to keep your vehicle locked and nothing of value in sight. If possible, keep valuables out of your vehicle completely. We also encourage you to look after your neighbors who are seniors or disabled so that their properties are secured and that they are safe in their home.

Thanksgiving 2020

The Rotary Clubs of Bethel-St. Clair and Northern Allegheny are teaming up with Holy Assumption of St. Mary Orthodox Church again this year to prepare Thanksgiving meals for families in need. Pittsburgh Police officers will then deliver the meals on Thanksgiving Day. Northsiders can contact Zone 1 Officer Sylvester Wright or Officer Darrick Payton to request a meal: Call 412-323-7201 or email or You can also donate to the cause by making a check payable to “The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair”: Write “Thanksgiving” in the memo. Mail your checks to: SSB Bank, ATTN: Heather Dieckmann, 8700 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. 

David Stacy is the president of NSPSC. Reach him and NSPSC with your questions or concerns by email at or by phone at 412-321-0295.    

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