In this monthly column, Northside Public Safety Council President David Stacy shares public safety news for Pittsburgh’s Northside.

By David Stacy

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Training via Wikimedia Commons

Guest Speaker for March

Representative Jake Wheatley will be our guest speaker at the Northside Public Safety Council (NPSC) meeting on March 5. He will have a presentation on the various programs and assistance within in his office and there will be an open discussion and Q&A with Mr. Wheatley. You are encouraged to come and hear what he and his office can do to help you and your neighborhood.

Aggressive Traffic Patterns

Most of the streets within the neighborhood and communities of the Northside do not exceed more than 25 mph, however many of us recognize vehicles driving at illegal, unsafe speeds as well as aggressive driving. If this is a chronic problem in your community, we ask for you to take notes, including the specific streets, time of day or night, and license plate numbers, especially if you see the same vehicles doing this on a regular basis. You can report your findings, complaints, or concerns to 311 and they will send this information to the correct city agencies to address your concerns. If you have other neighbors that share your
concerns, please ask them to file a complaint to 311 as well. There are many ways the city can address these issues: police stings, speed traps, speed bumps if applicable, and cameras in and around your community, for example, may pick up these violations.

Safe Public Pedestrian Passageways

Please report any obstructions or obstacles that may make it difficult for pedestrians to use safe pathways to their destination, such as crumbling sidewalks, etc. All city intersections should be accessible with ramps at each corner to accommodate mobile aids such as wheelchairs. As always, we ask that you look after any seniors, folks who are disabled, and people who are underserved in your community in time of need or assistance.

David Stacy is the president of the Northside Public Safety Council. (NPSC). Please contact NPSC for more information or details by phone at 412-321-0295 or via email: Regular NPSC meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month starting at 5:30 p.m. Meetings are held at the Manchester Citizens Corporation, 1319 Allegheny Ave., 15233.

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