“It takes a community to make a community.”

By David Stacy

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Training via Wikimedia Commons

As spring arrives and warmer weather happens around us, crime and illegal activity tends to go up. In the wake of the shootings and violence that has been happening in our Northside neighborhoods, we ask that everyone stay vigilant and aware of illegal activities happening in your neighborhood. “Say something if you see something” can go a long way in an investigation. If you have security cameras on your property, you can scan through the footage if something happens around your home and see if it may have picked up valuable information.                                         

We encourage everyone to attend your neighborhood meetings to know what’s happening in your immediate neighborhood and give yourself a chance to meet your neighbors nearby. It takes each of us to make a difference in our neighborhood, whether it be fighting crime or organizing festive community gatherings; these acts can strengthen our Northside community as a whole.

Crime is always one step ahead of laws and enforcement. If it were not, then we would live in a perfect, crime-free world. It takes all of us Northsiders as well as law enforcement to evolve and get in front of illegal activities with the intent to conquer crime in our neighborhoods and communities.

As always, we ask that you look out for one another, especially those in need, the elderly, disabled, homeless, and those less fortunate. We all share this fantastic neighborhood called the Northside.

Please join and attend our Northside Public Safety Council (NSPSC) meetings (held via Zoom right now) on the first Thursday of every month at 5:30 p.m. You can call or email us for more information or to get the Zoom link to attend our meetings. Call 412-321-0295 or email zone1psc@gmail.com. Please note that our April meeting has been rescheduled from April 1 to April 8 in honor of Holy Week in the Christian church.                         

David Stacy is the president of NSPSC.

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