Brighton Heights

Belinda Butler to John Musgrove at 1605 Antrim St. for $37,000.
Phinehas Hodges to Wade Ewing at 1841 Chellis St. for $115,500.
Lawrence Czerpak to Cooper Obenreder and Catherine Dardenne at 3426 Fleming Ave. for $133,000.
Robin Miller to Nacey Schaaaf Investments LLC at 3259 Langfitt Ave. for $72,500.

Historic Deutschtown

AMD Construction & Development to Ciccarelli & Sons LLC at 838 Suismon St. for $90,000.


Manchester Citizens Corp. to Sion and Jaime Akrie at 1247 Columbus Ave. for $35,000.
Manchester Citizens Corp. to Jason Young at 1714 Fulton St. for $35,000.
Manchester Citizens Corp. to Jonathan and Lindsey Morrison at 1732 Fulton St. for $35,000.

Marshall Shadeland

Teresa Marie Bernardi to 4th Quarter Realty Group Inc. at 1350 Geyer Ave. for $10,500.
Jennifer Morrow to Kurt Matthew and Katelyn Danielle Werner at 1246 Ingham St. for $129,000.
Charles Robinson to Greenfield Holdings LLC at 2619 Shadeland Ave. for $55,000.

Observatory Hill

Karen Greaves to Michael and Heather Grguras at Oakdale St. (VACANT LAND – Parcel ID : 0115-F-00041-0000-00) for $11,716.
Derek Long to Stephanos Fouskas and Erica Anna Aivaliotis at 3318 Delaware St. for $177,000.

Perry Hilltop

Robert Eisler to Hazelton Acres Trust at 2704 Hazelton St. for $10,000.

Spring Garden

Tyler Pensiero to Cartus Financial Corp. at 1154 Voskamp St. for $355,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Henry Chai and Jessica Hao at 1154 Voskamp St. for $355,000.

Spring Hill

Seta Oknaian to Curt Riegelnegg and Sinead Bligh at 1145 Itin St. for $123,548.
Cheyanne Zimmerman to James Shahoud at 1711 Leister St. for $128,400.

Summer Hill

John Filipcic Jr. to Wyatt and Donovan Schueler at 128 Van Buren St. for $85,000.

Troy Hill

Community Restoration Corp. to Brabek Properties LLC at 1137 Brabec St. for $26,000.
Katie Kay Johnson to Morales Bates and Derisse Sequeira at 1539 Hatteras St. for $165,000.

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