Allegheny City Central

Steve Holliday to Sharon Lee Pickup at 244 E. Jefferson St. for $317,500.

Brighton Heights

Estate of Yvonne Studebaker to Sean and Alexandra Clerkin at 1266 San Pedro St. for $171,000.

East Deutschtown

Leah Hohman to Robert and Michelle Bugg at 1025 Vinial St. for $310,000.


Philip Colby to Alaina Investment Co. LLC at 1729 Warren St. for $17,000.


Aktham Elmostehi to Landry Jr. & Assoc. LLC at 1324 Warner St. for $10,000.


Jeffrey Fry trustee to Frank and Priscilla Boyd at 1519 Superior Ave. for $39,000.

Observatory Hill

Kathleen Kasunick to Joshua Adamek trustee at 3861 East St. for $50,000.
Christopher Bane to Morgan Simon at 3340 Perrysville Ave. for $228,000.

Carol McKenzie to Swid Homes LLC at 411 Maline St. for $70,000.

Perry Hilltop

My Pearl Investments Ltd. to Zijad and Tarik Hodzic at 1821 Perrysville Ave. for $270,000.

Troy Hill

Lynn Macphail to Matthew Dawes at 2104-2106 Lowrie St. for $119,400.

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