Allegheny City Central

Nathan Read Ogden to Frank Seguiti at 311 N. Taylor Ave. for $270,000.
Christopher Scott Storm to Srdjan Males and Katelyn Stojanovic at 1513 Federal St. for $393,000.

Brighton Heights

Amy L Henschel Bard to Joshua Allen and Rhonda Elsesser at 731 Glenside St. for $132,000.
LSF10 Master Participation Trust to Mitchell and Beth Thompson at 3324 Brighton Road for $20,100.
Keith Johnson III to Brendan Elliott and Alexia Voelker at 4012 Drexel Road for $128,000.
Randy Meckler to Christine Brown at 902 Woods Run Ave. for $104,300.

East Deutschtown

George Cyril Wilson to Canaima Realty LLC at 839 Tripoli St. for $50,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Joshua Huber to Jeffrey and Rachel Norris at 602 Lockhart St. Unit 7 for $121,375.

Observatory Hill

David McGee to Gerald Ricci trustee at 2001 Bothwell St. for $19,000.

Spring Hill

Glenn McMunn to William Limpert at 1327 Buente St. for $118,500.

Summer Hill

Naom Megido to Kelly Rohrer at 3524 Sirius St. for $65,300.

Troy Hill

Pittsburgh City to Ross Cunningham at 2024 Straubs Lane for $19,000.

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