Northside Property Transfers: Sept. 8-12


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Brighton Heights

Erin Taylor to Samuel Ashbaugh and Michael Tabacchi at 404 Chandler Place for $128,000.


Diane Durick estate et al. to Wells Fargo Bank NA at 1612 Eckert St. for $2,137 by sheriff’s deed.

Paul William Brophy Jr. to Philip and Mary Lou Ward at 1101 Etola St. for $76,500.

Champion Mortgage Co. to Timber Holdings LLC at 1427 Evandale Road for $32,000.

Estate of Dolores G aka Deramo to Valerie Marie and David Warren Webster at 1165 New Hampshire Drive for $57,000.

Veronica Sweeney et al. to Lawrence and Paula Connelly at 2704 Shadeland Ave. for $60,000.

Central Northside

Jason Jevack et al. to Sandra Gough at 1227 Reddour St. for $285,000.

Douglas Nimmo to Anthony Craig and Philip Kulasa at 1320 Veto St. for $180,000.


William Robinson Jr. to Devlinc Inc. at 1948 Federal Street Ext. for $45,000.

William Robinson Jr. to Devlinc Inc. at 1950 Federal Street Ext. for $45,000.

Estate of Carmel Cirocco to Devlinc Inc. at 1956 Federal Street Ext. for $45,000.

Observatory Hill

Armella Bredl to Amber Ondrey at 3850 East St. for $53,500.

Elbow River LLC to Oakglade Realty Capital Partn. L.P. at 4004 Oakdale St. for $47,000.

Phil Dzubinski to OSPO Properties LLC at 509 Wabana St. for $46,000.

Perry Hilltop

Lamont Hawkins to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 307 Hawkins Ave. for $1,790 by sheriff’s deed.

Spring Garden

Margaret Donatelli to PNC Bank NA at 1310 Firth St. for $2,078 by sheriff’s deed.

Spring Hill

Kaja Holdings 2 LLC to John Darcy at 2340 Gershon St. for $9,500.



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