Northside Property Transfers: Sept. 19-23, 2016


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Allegheny West

Allegheny West Development Corp. to Moshood Martins at 928 Western Ave. for $118,500.

John Wojtyna to 852 N Lincoln LLC at 852 N. Lincoln Ave. for $205,000.

Brighton Heights

Richard Burkley et al. to Kapaco Investment Group LLC at Benton Ave. for $3,200.

Estate of Albert Parson Jr. to Shane Cooper at 1103 Cornell St. for $126,000.

US Bank NA trustee to Jon Replogle at 3420 Reuben St. for $17,000.

DPA Group Properties LLC to Homes4Comfort LLC at 964 Stanford Road for $49,900.


Barbara Fonzi to Steven Derbish at 1458 Geyer Ave. for $15,000.

Estate of Sarah Fletchall Jacobs to James Damian Founds at 3406 Shadeland Ave. for $46,500.


Brian McPherson to Northside Coalition for Fair Housing Inc. at 958 Lamont St. for $4,000.

Central Northside

Jennie Canning et al. to James Barnickel Jr. at 611 Jacksonia St. for $260,000.

East Allegheny

River Rod L.P. to Allegheny Shores LLC at 1075 Progress St. for $1,000,000.

River Rod L.P. to Bryan Pivirotto at 1075 Progress Street for $89,000.

River Rod L.P. to Bernard Reilly at 1075 Progress Street for $89,000.

River Rod L.P. to Matthew Bond at 1075 Progress Street for $20,000.


Alberta Gales estate et al. to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 1309 Columbus Ave. for $2,384 by sheriff’s deed.

John Hancock to Todd Meyer at 1007 N. Franklin St. for $10,000.

Commonwealtth Pennsylvania Transportatio to Pittsburgh City School District at Page St. for $3,800.

Observatory Hill

Veterans Administration to JTG Real Estate LLC at 111 Dunlap St. for $30,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Dequan Jiao at 23 Dunlap St. for $23,500.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Gretchen Hamm at 3227 Orleans St. for $100,800.

Mathew King to Sunnyside Real Estate LLC at 3872 Perrysville Ave. for $40,000.

Perry Hilltop

Pinecastle Realty LLC to Erik and Tiffany Melczak at 519 McClintock Ave. for $17,500.

Spring Garden

Svetlan Kirkov to Jaclyn Lee Yokel at 2326 Spring Garden Ave. for $23,000.

Spring Hill

Estate of John Doloughty Jr. to Wendy Investment Properties LLC at 20 Woessner Ave. for $6,500.

Reuven Katz to Oded Milstein at 1001 High St. for $50,000.

Troy Hill

Housing & Urban Development to Joshua David Williams at 1410 Lager St. for $70,280.

Frances Bartolowits to Rebecca Bykoski and Jeffrey Dawless at 1910 Lowrie St. for $126,670.

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