Northside Property Transfers: Sept. 12-16, 2016



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Brighton Heights

Housing & Urban Development to Maura O’Brien at 3819 Hiawatha St. for $90,000.

Patrick Klisavage to Tyler and Katherine Marwood at 1503 Orchlee St. for $144,000.

Quality Home Investments LLC to Kari Yamamoto and Michael Sullivan at 2056 Stonelea St. for $179,900.

Central Northside

Micah Vore et al. to Mark Fleischer at 1202 Sherman Ave. for $265,500.\


Pittsburgh City to Significance 3251 Inc. at 1445 Stedman St. for $2,000.

Spring Hill

Estate of Richard Vey to Shawn Dugan and Linda Tonetti Dugan at 916 Yetta Ave. for $30,500.

Summer Hill

Thomas Cloonan to Jonathan Clark Goff at 159 Ivory Ave. for $84,000.

Troy Hill

David Weidner trustee to Vaughn Properties LLC at 1419 Dehaven St. for $70,000.

Kyle Pratt to Troy Hill Development LLC at 1822 Niggel St. for $65,000.

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