Allegheny City Central

BRB Properties 2 LLC to Marie Courtemanche at 1611 Federal Ave. for $124,000.


Brighton Heights

Jamie Welsh et al. to LSF9 Master Participation Trust at 1441 Davis Ave. for $2,024 by sheriff’s deed.

Alex Schatzman to Michelle Richardson at 4132 Gittens St. for $133,000.

William Watts Jr. to Rosemarie Russo and Michael Gavita at 1219 San Pedro St. for $139,900.



Erin Jo Kroh to Ashley Smith at 910 Grand Ave. for $86,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Brittany Copeland and Nadine Parham at 1045 Hall St. for $14,000.


Historic Deutschtown

Brian Waldron to Matthew and Kathleen Colussy at 922 James St. for $315,000.



David McAnallen to Jonathan Steinhauser at 1332 Liverpool St. for $287,000.

Victory Baptist Church to Artice Coleman at 1427 Rush St. for $1,500.


Observatory Hill

Travis Wanner to Maurisa Conrad at 128 Dunlap St. for $164,000.

Ronel Jackson to Leon Haynes III at 3374 Perrysville Ave. for $9,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $220,020) by sheriff’s deed.


Perry Hilltop

Curtis Cureton to Brianna Michelle Allen and Michael David Knappenberger at 1981 Federal Street Ext. for $103,000.


Spring Hill

Annalou Crame to Gabe Mazefsky at 1206 Iten St. for $22,500.

Tiffany Philliops to Melissa Bufalini and Christopher Montanez at 2439 Sunset Ave. for $39,000.


Summer Hill

Arthur Crisson to Mark Harlan at 173 Van Buren St. for $95,000.

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