Allegheny City Central

Wells Fargo Bank NA trustee to DLK Residential Redevelopers LLC at 1685 Perrysville Ave. for $45,500.

Brighton Heights

Zachary Zobrist to Timothy Foley and Estefania Sepulveda Martinez at 1531 Pennock Road for $215,000.


Boris Tafkov to Geoffrey and Jennifer Lyn Sydeski Hurd at 1949 Letsche St. for $115,000.

Observatory Hill

Kieren M Duffy Gibson to Stone Financing LLC at 2922 Marshall Road for $130,000.
Stone Financing LLC to Dorothea Cole and Addison Elder at 2922 Marshall Road for $130,000.

Spring Garden

Oded Milstein to K Bennett Enterprises LLC at 1001 High St. for $100,000.

Spring Hill

Roxiean Tester to Jason Clearfield at 39 Solar St. for $44,200.

Summer Hill

Michael Dailey to Charles and Kayla Soergel at 4473 Highridge St. for $125,000.

Troy Hill

Jeffrey Honnold to Christopher William McGuigan and Katherine Elizabeth Anderson at 1301 Lowrie St. for $40,000.
Robert Helms III to Melissa Miller at 1952 Lowrie St. for $80,000.
Estate of Patricia Lafrenie to Douglas Christopher Thirty Matt at 2023 Veronica St. for $15,000.

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