Allegheny City Central

Ashlea Graziano to Ashlea Graziano and Adin Hamilton at 1325 Arch St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $3,990).

Brighton Heights

Alfred Lee Taylor III to Keith Kochert and Vidha Chansoria at 1125 Davis Ave. for $205,000.
Estate of Rebecca Lynn Trzeciakowski to Kenneth Kracht at 317 Squire Circle for $175,000.


Rozina Mathews to Rewind Properties LLC at 1932 Sedgwick St. for $18,000.

East Deutschtown

Tara Swartfager to Micah Rosa at 938 Vista St. for $5,500.

Historic Deutschtown

Emlin Realty LLC to 1313 Holdings LLC at 625 Foreland St. for $150,000.


Joshua Snavely to Ilyasah Nikkai Upshaw Williams at 1106 Sheffield St. for $301,000.

Perry Hilltop

Sharon Dennard to Joshua Barker at 614 Chester Ave. for $55,000.
Judith Ann Miller to Geraldine Muyango at 2500 Hazelton St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $15,390).
Darrell Hutson to Rabia Hassan El Haj Banali at 2345 Osgood St. for $58,000.

Spring Garden

Lois Peckich et al. to Christina Huerta and Jacob Thomason at 3226 Spring Garden Road for $62,500

Spring Hill

Jack Weber to Noah and Alec Grossman at 1708 Leister St. for $37,500.

Troy Hill

Estate of Mark Ralph Miller to Troy Hill Ventures LLC at 1408 Lager St. for $14,200.

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