Allegheny City Central

Dolores Tolbert to Dolores Tolbert and Rod Stewart at 1223 Resaca Place for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $121,638).

Mary Coffey to MAK Property Development LLC at 527 Alpine Ave. for $95,000.

Gwendolyn Johnson to TS Pitt LLC at 117 Carrington St. for $4,255.

Brighton Heights

B & D Davis Avenue Realty L.P. to Andrew James Emig at 1610 Davis Ave. for $117,000.

Christine Emsworth to AGLK LLC at 3529 Diploma St. for $36,000.

Estate of Grace Baran to Benjamin Marmarosa at 3438 Rigel St. for $63,800.


Carla Carter to Hooked Up Property Solutions LLC at 3105 Shadeland Ave. for $30,000.

Norman John Arlet et al. to Peach Blossom Properties LLC at 1059 Smithton Ave. for $12,000.

East Deutschtown

Fifty One Forty Nine LLC to October Real Estate Holdings LLC at 800 E. Ohio St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $102,500).


Driss Boubakri to Mark and Katherine Tomlinson at 1414 Faulsey Way for $40,000.

Equity Trust Co. Cust FBO #106986 IRA to Happy Hour Holdings LLC at 1412 Page St. for $50,000.

Adam Stalczynski to Aaron and Jackie Otto at 1421 Sheffield St. for $225,000.

Perry Hilltop

Gustavo Vazquez to OGR Realty 3 L.P. at 213 Burgess St. for $46,000.

Devin Gastion to OGR Realty 3 L.P. at 309 Elsdon St. for $17,000.

Joshua Adamek trustee to Deutsch & Assoc. LLC at 257 Kennedy Ave. for $31,000.

Emily Suarez to OGR Realty 3 L.P. at 110 Maywood St. for $65,000.

Gustavo Vasquez to OGR Realty 3 L.P. at 211 W. Burgess St. for $52,000.

CSA Real Estate LLC to OGR Realty 3 L.P. at 215 W. Burgess St. for $43,000.

Troy Hill

Samuel Rios to Leslie Kolenda and Tyler Mossman at 2109 Lowrie St. for $36,500.

CN 110 Enterprises LLC to Maxwell Hegedus at 2037 Straubs Lane for $19,900.

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