Brighton Heights

Landry Jr. & Assoc. LLC to Antonio Bradley at 1809 Davis Ave. for $51,000.
Keith Lyle to Zachary and Kayleigh Zidian at 205 Richbarn Road for $219,000.
Michael Derbish to Jessica Appleman at 3156 Shadeland Ave. for $69,000.


Manchester Citizens Corp. to Light of the Age Mosque at 1308 Columbus Ave. for $100,000.


Leila Gallagher to Christopher Oney and Karly Shorts at 1210 Ingham St. for $148,400.
Ray Carter to Ashlea Duzyk at 1162 Marshall Ave. for $183,450.
Estate of Margaret Kirby to Jared William Glatz at 2705 Pitler St. for $30,000.
Ly Thi Luong to Darlene Taylor at 1320 Superior Ave. for $96,000.

Spring Hill

River Green LLC to Gary Klose at 8 Beckfield St. for $255,000.

Summer Hill

Anastasia M King Lowe to Anne Marie Emmerling at 4438 Scherling St. for $150,500.

Troy Hill

Stephen Andrew Johnson MD to Daniel Murariu at 71 Waterfront Drive for $633,000.
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