Allegheny City Central

CAMA Plan FBO Karen Perry’s IRA to Thembo Trasada at 530 Armandale St. for $285,000.


Brighton Heights

Estate of Mary Henderson to Jessica Barrington and Carol White Millhoan at 3347 Brighton Road for $110,000.

Adam Krebs to Lavonne Pitts Harding at 4001 Brighton Road for $170,000.

Jared Glover to Stephanie Haney at 3673 Harbison Ave. for $105,500.

Justin Pecora to Kayla Lloyd at 3706 Hiawatha St. for $103,100.


Michelle Grover to Daniel Owen and Megan Polesky at 1515 Myler St. for $99,972.

Joseph Mazzant to DLC Pittsburgh LLC at 601 Suffolk St. for $40,000.



Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority to Nancy Ream at Hamlin St. for $1,800.

North Shore

Pittsburgh City Stadium Authority to North Shore 15 LLC at North Shore Drive for $2,200,000.

Observatory Hill

Barbara Layton to Thomas and Theresa Parker at 218 Bonvue St. for $34,680.

Nathaniel King to Wanisha Green at 3748 East St. for $116,000.

Lynn Warren to Sean Sollinger at 45 Hemphill St. for $115,000.


Perry Hilltop

Andrew Burlando to William Duff and Sarayu Gopal at 1818 University Ave. for $29,000.


Spring Garden

East Deutschtown Investments LLC to BBC Pittsburgh LLC at 836 Concord St. for $140,000.

Matthew Evans to Andrew Masciantonio at 919 Spring Garden Ave. for $110,000.


Summer Hill

Bonita King to Joshua Ague at 3503 Colby St. for $97,900.

Troy Hill

Mary Virginia to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 1120 Brabec St. for $3,668 by sheriff’s deed.

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