Allegheny City Central

Ai Dewei to Raquel Ludinich at 1432 Loraine St. for $265,000.

Allegheny West

Maureen Neary to Group Stay Investments LLC at 1307 Allegheny Ave. for $495,000.
Louis DePellegrini to Keane George and Megan Leo at 833-835 N Lincoln Ave. for $583,426.

Brighton Heights

Tung The Luu to Leah Werner at 3739 California Ave. for $245,000.

Charles Street Valley

Joan Hammonds trustee to Richard Carothers at 2013 N Charles St. for $2,000.

East Deutschtown

Joseph Vlakancic to NuHomes Owner LLC at 840 Blossom Way for $36,000.


Brightwood Civic Group to Joseph Frazier at 2649 Brighton Road for $164,900.
Lloyd Elmer Hofsetter to Three Rivers Property Group LLC at 1706 Forsythe St. for $7,000.
Three Rivers Property Group LLC to Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC at 1706 Forsythe St. for $12,400.
Longshore Places LLC to Undead Repairs & Rentals LLC at 2802 McDowell St. for $20,000.
Rockefeller Enterprise LLC to Emily Jabro at 2905 Stayton St. for $34,000.
Devon Lane to Sadira Reaves at 1244 Woodland Ave. for $40,000.

Observatory Hill

Jack Copper to Julia Skorija at 3105 Perrysville Ave. for $5,000.

Spring Garden

Deborah Krist to Fifth Avenue Property Group LLC at 1326 Diana St. for $3,499.
Monica Boxley Reynolds to Matthew Krummert and Sarah Untch at 1247 High St. for $89,795.

Spring Hill

William Gerst to Cassady and Jessica Burkett at 1616 Homer St. for $214,000.

Summer Hill

Ian Smith to Sara Aull at 4448 Cerise St. for $215,000.

Troy Hill

John Klosky Jr. to Barsa Holdings 201 LLC at 1527 Hoff St. for $44,000.

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