Allegheny City Central

ALIMAT LLC to Real Wealth Network LLC at 1502 Boyle St. for $219,000.
Mary Worthy to Overhill Properties LLC at 1508 Federal St. for $164,260.
DLK Residential Redevelopers LLC to Isabella Soreca at 1685 Perrysville Ave. for $155,000.

Brighton Heights

Brandon Brown to Cherry Properties LLC at 3709 Atkins St. for $106,900.
Patricia Krenzel Stough to NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC at 3422 Gass Ave. for $33,500.
John Zilles to Brian Moser at 3120 Shadeland Ave. for $6,250.
Kirk Baxendell to Robert McAfee Jr. at 2029 Termon Ave. for $123,000.


Sheila Biehl to Wanda Murphy at 1612 Sedgwick St. for $100,000.


Housing & Urban Development to Hildy Johnson at 1123 Hodgkiss St. for $45,000.
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to Kevin Nathaniel Kirkland at 3011 Vensel Way for $4,000.

Observatory Hill

Bradley Michael Krugel to Cartus Financial Corp. at 126 Dunlap St. for $166,500.

Perry Hilltop

Benjamin Kelly to James Stone at 825 Marshall Ave. for $185,000.
Donald Marini to Robert and Christine Parise at 2518 Perrysville Ave. for $103,550.
David Eckert to NCSC/USA Housing Development Corp. at 2647 Perrysville Ave. for $4,300.

Elderly Housing Development & Operations to NCSC/USA Housing Development Corp. at Perrysville Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $16,820).

Spring Hill

John Rouse to Real Deals LLC at 1012-1014 High St. for $25,000.

Troy Hill

Debra Logan to Robert Jewett at 1511 Hatteras St. for $133,100.
Joseph Craig to Marlex Properties LLC at 1942 Lowrie St. for $16,279 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $52,432) by sheriff’s deed.
Meagan Bucciarelli to Jay and Mary Beth Levrio at 18 Waterfront Drive for $535,000.

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