Allegheny City Central

Amr Elrifai to Matthew Hartford and Chelsea Oleson at 1317 Sandusky St. for $256,000.
Danell Edwards to 201712WY-41 LLC at 107 Jacksonia St. for $94,000.
Estate of Odessa Edwards to 201712WY-41 LLC at 109 Jacksonia St. for $94,000.
K Max Construction to 201712WY-41 LLC at 108 Leduc Way for $52,500.
David Nichols to Rinaldo Policicchio at Loraine St. (Vacant Land) for $27,500.

Brighton Heights

Ralph Seriana to Mary Nolte at 3718 Atkins St. for $125,000.
Donald Tustin to Gina Russell at 4047 Brandon Road for $76,000.
BACS LLC to GT Property Holdings LLC at 1709-1713 Termon Ave. for $1,425,000.

East Deutschtown

Estate of Francis Gasowski to Todd E Smith Removal Services Inc. at 917 Wettach ST for $225,000.


Estate of Lynne Parker to J & M Estates LLC at 10 Carrie St. for $15,000.


Estate of James Richey to David and Frances Williams at 1207 N. Franklin St. for $30,000.


Kelilah Avery to American Escrow & Closing Co. at 1358 Oakhill St. for $53,000.

Observatory Hill

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Matthew Krummert and Sarah Untch at 12 Dunlap St. for $35,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Michael Larson and Amanda Majchrzak at 126 Dunlap St. for $166,500.
TS PGH 1 LLC to OneOff LLC at 3022 Viola St. for $69,900.

Spring Hill

Caroline Matys to Eric Werner and Lauren Murphy at 2137 Harbor St. for $125,000.

Troy Hill

ARBL’N LLC to Marissa Gallagher at 2034 Eggers St. for $25,000.
Jeffrey Fletcher to Mark Rawlings and Melani Cheers at 1124 Province St. for $11,745.
Mark Mosley to Jeffrey and Melanie Fletcher at 1140 Province St. for $60,000.

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