Allegheny West

Carrie Margaret Farmer Teh to Justin Shuster and Susan Eisenreich at 934 Beech Ave. for $525,000.

Brighton Heights

William Fonzi to Yuri and Rhaisa Tsyboukov at 1045 1/2 Lapish Road for $152,500.

Tamara Whiting to Maxwell Rickard and Jennifer Cickelli at 1840 Winhurst St. for $180,200.


John Newman to Barrett Stephens and Abigail Moller at 9 Courtright St. for $1,500.

Paul Godby to Peach Blossom Properties LLC at 1055 Smithton Ave. for $10,000.

Eleanor Baker to Robin Rosemary Miller at 1123 Woodland Ave. for $30,000.

Deutsch & Assoc. LLC to Brightwood Civic Group at 1222 Woodland Ave. for $20,000.

Observatory Hill

Christina Trust trustee to Lee David Morello at 3781 East St. for $25,500.

Weissmann Weissmann & Ariel LLC to Joseph Dutton IV at 349 Gould Ave. for $28,000.

Karl Chapple to KJN Grant LLC at 3520 Perrysville Ave. for $32,500.

Elizabeth Cahill to Richard Keith Zechowski Jr. and Tyler Landon Honaker at 401 Venture St. for $99,000.

Perry Hilltop

George Clark to Joshua Barker at 2113 Federal Street Ext. for $53,000.

Home Opportunity LLC to Thomi Rozier at 2116 Koerneer Ave. for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $27,360).

Elizabeth Grooms Clay to OGR Realty 3 L.P. at 2215 Holyoke St. for $56,000.

Phillip Bocka to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 2817-2819 Veteran St. for $8,369 by sheriff’s deed.

Spring Hill

Michael Mortensen to Matthew Seklecki at 1010-1014 Goehring St. for $77,000.

Amy Van Every to Slake LLC at 1026 High St. for $25,000

Summer Hill

Michael Watts to Elijah Clutter at 4512 Valley View St. for $156,000.

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