Allegheny City Central

Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority to Garden Theater Block LLC at 1201 Federal St. for $109,328.

Allegheny Commons

Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority to Allegheny Center Christian & Missionary at Diamond St. (MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT, Parcel ID: 0023-S-00033-0000-00) for $38,396.

Allegheny West

Rodney Kight Jr. trustee to Jordan Case at 1011 Galveston Ave. for $282,500.

Brighton Heights

Dennys William Horn to Brandon Windecker at 3530 Massachusetts Ave. for $88,000.
Daniel Seifer to Clara Murphy at 3415 Shadeland Ave. for $81,000.
Kenneth Miles to Tyler Andrea and Sea Oh McConville at 3649 Wealth St. for $190,000.

East Deutschtown

Brian Weismantle to Dominick Battaglia at 816 Phineas St. for $182,335.

Historic Deutschtown

James John Deklavon to Chad Thompson at 125 Fountain St. for $150,000.

Perry Hilltop

Brianna Michelle Allen to Raymond Edward Link III at 1981 Federal St. Ext. for $127,000.
Michael Vaughn II to Rogeo Ltd. at 2539 Perrysville Ave. for $14,000.
Dirk Lackovich Van Gorp to Darrell Barron Jr. at 1433 Eckert St. for $110,300.

Spring Hill

Jack Weber Jr. to Mark Broscoe at 1734 Overbeck St. for $94,150.

Summer Hill

David Medlin to Gary Shearer Jr. at 4477 Highridge St. for $64,500.

Troy Hill

James McGurgan to Pittsburgh St. L.P. at 1618 Hatteras St. for $140,000.
Delia Nicholas to Zachary Kenneth Ramsey at 2146 Lowrie St. for $189,000.

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