Northside Property Transfers: Oct. 6-10


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Brighton Heights

Timothy Murphy to Alfred Lee Taylor III at 1125 Davis Ave. for $189,900.

John Burns to Stacey Thompson at 1747 Kleber St. for $119,900.

Ryan Brown to Nancy Stiger at 3932 Kleber St. for $95,750.


Azcan RPG LLC to Camelback 9 LLC at 2339 Atmore St. for $8,109.

Jan Lorenz to Dewei Al at 2807 Frederick St. for $29,000.

Estate of Esther Kallop to Robert Cerny at 1325 Halsey Place for $25,000.

Central Northside

Pittsburgh City to Debra Goodworth at 1432 Boyle St. for $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,430).

Gail Hodgins to Salvatore Insana at 1511 Monterey St. for $282,000.


Marc Pugh to Domenic Betters and Tina Bolin at 1019 Allegheny Ave. for $131,250.

Observatory Hill

CitiMortgage Inc. to Observatory Hill Development Corp. at 115 Bonvue St. for $20,000.

M & L Realty Investment L.P. to Brenton 58 LLC at 145 Oak Park Road for $65,000.

Estate of Charles Michalski to US Bank NA trustee at 3549 Oklahoma St. for $1,679 by sheriff’s deed.

Perry Hilltop

Monika Haver to Alvester Clay at 2725 Ellis St. for $52,500.

Spring Garden

Pittsburgh City to Marcus Fritz at 1200-1202 High St. for $11,000.

Edward Clarke Jr. to Mark Anthony and April Rodriguez at 1105 Spring Garden Ave. for $97,000.

Spring Hill

Thomas Krawczak to William Kosciuszko Jr. and William Kosciuszko at 32 Brahm St. for $42,000.

John Tremel to Patrick Coleman and Kristin Yates at 909 Haslage Ave. for $89,900.

Troy Hill

Guy Schutzeus to Urban Life Spaces LLC at 1137 Goettman St. for $100,000.


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