Northside Property Transfers: Oct. 31-Nov. 4, 2016


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Brighton Heights

Mark Hilts to James Purvis at 3689 Harbison Ave. for $119,000.

Estate of Loretta Schweiger to Equity Trust Co. Cust Fbo William J Obers at 3318 Harbison St. for $70,500.

Citizens Bank Pennsylvania to Paul Gaetano at 3642 Purdue St. for $45,000.

Gregory Boyd et al. to Ryan Daniel and Sarah Holick at 1159 Termon Ave. for $178,500.

Historic Deutschtown

Justin Bienio to Jennifer Vander Plaats at 602 Suismon St. for $197,400.

Observatory Hill

Andrew Balint to Yohouse Co. at 3888 East St. for $169,000.

Thomas Petrola to National Residential Nominee Services Inc at 3031 Mt. Allister Road for $183,000.

Matthew Radeck to Brylee Kopel at 24 Radium St. for $17,500.

Spring Hill

James Tongel et al. to Sandra Lee Gray at 16 Bly St. for $2,000.

Arthur Beatty to Rabia Hassan El Haj Benali at 2018 Rockledge St. for $21,000.

Troy Hill

Philip McCall to Shawn and Lauren Cherevka at 1716 Harpster St. for $64,000.

Laura Demetrion to Katie Kay Johnson at 1539 Hatteras St. for $67,000.

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