Northside Property Transfers: Oct. 17-21, 2016


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Brighton Heights

Paul Deah to Lawrence Hopkins and Pamela Smith at 1021 Benton Ave. for $40,000.

Joan Straight to US Bank NA trustee at 3504 Corona St. for $2,149 by sheriff’s deed.

Julie Lemke to Ryan Porter at 1022 Lapish Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $64,573).

Michael Ross to Converge Real Estate LLC at Reiss St. for $3,000.


Donna Sauers to Lisa McCray at 2930 Breker St. for $87,250.

Harry Edward Stough Jr. to Brightwood Civic Group at 2703 Brighton Road and Woodland Ave. for $24,800.


Neighborhood Housing Services Inc. to Equity Trust Co. Cust FBO Cathy Jo Restel at 1922 Sedgwick St. for $4,500.

Central Northside

Lisa Gardner to Samuel and Lisa Marie Pareso at 1205 Buena Vista St. for $333,000.


John Dooley et al. to Matthew and Sarah Scollin at 1724 Meadville St. for $165,000.


Dale Allerton to Andrew and Shannon Reichert at 1132 W. North Ave. for $361,000.

Observatory Hill

Christopher Stewart to Thuy Nguyen at 65 Bascom Ave. for $57,000.

Rosemary Bohr to Travis Wanner at 128 Dunlap St. for $25,000.

Perry Hilltop

Dorothy Choy to Donna and Evan Malchano at 543 Marshall Ave. for $50,000.

BFB Enterprises Inc. to Jasmine Walton at 23 W. McIntyre Ave. for $60,770.

Spring Hill

SS Allegheny LLC to Jordan Vescio at 1311 Diana Place for $12,500.

Troy Hill

Richard Pfisterer to Rodger and Saundra Neurohr at 2041 Eggers St. for $5,000.

Michael McCarthy to Colleen Reyburn and Christopher Lenci at 2037 Veronica St. for $50,000.

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