Allegheny City Central

Steven Adams to Belinda Last at 1217 Filson St. for $150,000.
John Francona to Laurie Dubay at 18 Greeves Way for $55,000.


City Reach Church Pittsburgh Inc. to Brian and Katharine Moser at 1119 Success St. for $34,000.

Charles Street Valley

Charles Edward King IV to William Mietro and Stephanie Grohowalski at 2534 Irwin Ave. for $155,000.*


H1 Management LLC to Michael Nikolich at 1517 Compromise St. for $42,000.


Genevieve Williams Hearn to Robert Joseph McAfee at 1616 Sedgwick St. for $124,000.


City Reach Church Pittsburgh Inc. to Brian and Katharine Moser at 1529 Eckert St. for $12,000.

Northview Heights

Robert Guckert to John Stuart and Christine Anne Rooke at Hazlett St. for $10,000.

Perry Hilltop

Investment Property Group LLC to Selena and Matthew Eisenberg at 115 E. McIntyre Ave. for $28,000.
US Bank National Trust Assn. trustee to Willow Anderson at 2402 Osgood St. for $34,567.

Observatory Hill

David Richardson to Renee Rubinstein at 12 Perryview Ave. for $160,000.

Spring Garden

Thomas Tibbetts et al. to NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC at 1124 Voskamp St. for $70,000.

Spring Hill

Andrew Sulka to Saddle Properties LLC at 1606 Walz St. for $37,000.

Troy Hill

Robert Kleinhampl Jr. to Favorite Properties Inc. at 2108 Lautner St. for $18,500.

*This post was updated on 11/8/2018 to reflect the correct corresponding neighborhood.

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