Allegheny City Central

Eric Daniel Moreno Narvaez to Kerrie Reid at 316 North Ave. W Unit D for $142,000.

Logan Schofield to Jonathan and Heather Keller at 402 Jacksonia St. for $392,500.

Willie Murchison to Edgar Parilla at 1536 Monterey St. for $20,000.


Brighton Heights

Lawrence Farmerie to Muya Mgaza and Amina Bago at 1246 Benton Ave. for $119,875.

Evonne Batykefer to Richard DeCarlo at 3762 California Ave. for $112,000.

William Joseph Foster to 360 Ridgewood LLC at 2038 Stonelea St. for $103,000.

Roy Kretzler to Matthew Charles Feiler at 1214 W. Point Ave. for $110,000.

Steven Oberst to Duplexity Holdings LLC at 3849-3851 Brighton Road for $125,000.

Socorro Holdings LLC to Eric Miller at 3640 Massachusetts Ave. for $100,000.

Jason Wurster to Megan Tobin and Kenneth Martin Jr. at 2036 Termon Ave. for $130,000.



Housing & Urban Development to Robert Coleman at 2819 Breker St. for $9,850.

Alyce Anna Conway estate et al. to Mustafa Kizilkaya at 1420 Casement St. for $31,000.

Tyrone Helvy to Pittsburgh Firefighters Federal Credit U at 120 Lecky Ave. for $12,775 by sheriff’s deed.

Brightwood Civic Group to Sean and Claudia Anderson at 1134 Woodland Ave. for $154,900.

Estate of Margaret Hunt to Charles Linhart at 1103 Grand Ave. for $11,000.


East Deutschtown

Antonia Iannuzzi to Natalie Lopez at 1030 Peralta St. for $163,000.

Pittsburgh Public Parking Authority to Historic Deutschtown Development Corp. at East Ohio St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,938).

Lisa Dishi Megides to Kiwew Holdings LLC at 841 Vista St. for $72,000.



Estate of Tammy Burletic to HSBC Bank USA NA trustee at 8 Edenvale St. for $2,976 by sheriff’s deed.

Luke Ravenstahl to Alexander Daniels at 2251 Hazelton St. for $235,000.


Historic Deutschtown

Thomas Seabrooke to JLA Properties L.P. at 606 Middle St. for $25,000.



Kirila Realty to Liverpool L.P. at 1825 Liverpool St. for $2,500,000.

John Impavido to Greenfield Holdings LLC at 1301 N. Franklin St. for $1,446,000.


Observatory Hill

Mark Allen Stueber to Megan Sharretts at 127 Mairdale St. for $90,000.

Alex Leary to Dustin Walsh at 225 Waldorf St. for $214,900.

Damen Taylor to Daniel Mross at 3332 Perrysville Ave. for $175,000.

Mark Whitehead to Crystal Keasley at 411 Venture St. for $15,500.


Perry Hilltop

Christopher Cole to Anna Knabe and Vincent Olivieri at 1845 Clayton Ave. for $94,000.

Patrick Connors trustee et al. to Steven Herforth and Peter Karlovich at 709 Maginn St. for $45,000.

Welcome Hill to Jose Suero at 400 W. Kennedy Ave. for $103,000.

Phyllis Verdecchia to No Limit Realty LLC at 19 E. Marshall Ave. for $35,000.

Spring Garden

Christiana Trust trustee to Louis Devito and Caroline Matys at 2107 Harbor St. for $35,000.

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