Allegheny City Central

Estate of Ronald Leonard Garland to CJ Real Estate Management at 1517 Arch St. for $120,000.

Brighton Heights

David Myers to Keresty Kelly at 1015 Benton Ave. for $135,900.
Robert Pudis to Jeffrey and Myka Bertrand at 3551 Gerber Ave. for $230,000.
Constance Holt to George Pavlik at 3705 Hiawatha St. for $115,000.


Viola Peifer to Benjamin Shopland and Eric Banaszewski at 1414 Dickson St. for $92,000.
Louis Ross to Casandra Armour at 1300 Gifford St. for $135,000.
Taylor Takacs trustee to VDE Property LLC at 3132 Shadeland Ave. for $55,000.

Observatory Hill

Tara Reiland to Adam Russell Groshek and Dalena Nguyen at 22 Garvin St. for $201,000.
Marlee Gallagher to Amanda Burns and Abbey Bryn Farkas at 3843 Perrysville Ave. for $213,000.

Perry Hilltop

Guy Schutzeus to Jason Yablinsky at 546 Mcclintock Ave. for $335,000.
Gary Imbrogno to Brenton Atcheson at 1788 Perrysville Ave. for $105,000.
Richard Hughes to Robert and Diane Moser trustee at 2630 N Charles St. for $18,000.
Equigrowth Properties LLLP to JLI Real Estate Group LLC at 2919 N Charles St. for $27,750.

Summer Hill

Joseph O’Malley to Jubal Abram and Erin Kathleen Kelly at 3821 Evergreen Road for $130,000.

Troy Hill

David Geisler to Rodger Neurohr at 2126 Lautner St. for $24,500.  
​Michael Budzinski to Regina Caeli McGowan at 1824 Lowrie St. for $162,000.

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