Allegheny City Central

Glow Properties LLC to Amanda Black at 1418 Boyle St. for $186,000.
Marlex Properties LLC to Gideon Pointe Inc. at 117 Carrington St. for $22,000.

Brighton Heights

RKTT Properties LLC to Michael Balinger and Kamling Tsang at 1520 Antrim St. for $132,000.
Trish Weiblinger to Jason Watkins at 3627 Mexico St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,394).
Jeremy Melick et al. to Renee Krynock and Jesse Randall at 3854 Wilksboro St. for $165,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Jeffrey Bruce Smith at 1213 Linden Place for $198,000.


Creative Solutions Investments LLC to Chandler Real Estate Holdings LLC at Manhattan St. (Vacant Lot – Lot Block # 0022-K-00269-0000-00) for $16,250.

Observatory Hill

Latika D Davis Jones to Michelle and Harold Wine at 15 Bonvue St. for $179,900.
Ampleton Group L.P. to Alyssa Schlumpf at 119 Dunlap St. for $180,852.
Kenneth Britsch estate et al. to Shachar Pooyae at 14 Montana St. for $45,000.

Spring Hill

Jackie Lynn Hoffman Deloplaine to Nicholas James Amoroso at 1511 Damas St. for $138,000.
Melinda Dzamko to Juniper Real Estate at 1908 Gebhart St. for $20,500.
Danny Polito to Dollar Bank FSB at 2213 Rockledge St. for $1,978 by sheriff’s deed.

Troy Hill

Jeffrey Anesin to ALAL Properties LLC at 1962 Lowrie St. for $80,000.


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