Brighton Heights

Vincent Michelotti Jr. to Ivan and Nicole Blinov at 3891 Brighton Road for $165,000.
Nehemiah Homes LLC to Ian and Amy Conaway at 1133 Pemberton St. for $160,000.

East Deutschtown

Rickenbach Brothers LLC to James Moore at 3-4 Rickenbach St. for $289,000.
George Cyril Wilson to 1254 Dean Street LLC at 844-846 Tripoli St. for $1,100,000.


M Sanders Holdings LLC to Steven Walker at 1 Cemetery St. for $257,900.
Samuel Hopple to Benjamin Steinhardt Case at 1715 Meadville St. for $165,000.


Michael Robb to Mitchell and Allison Ebeck at 1322 Liverpool St. for $400,000.

Observatory Hill

Courtney L Bergman Plaszenski to Mintwood LLC at 67 Semicir St. for $96,000.
Richard Werner to Michael Jalik Hall at 404 Wabana St. for $24,000.
Francis Lippert to SBS Construction LLC at 710-712 Woods Run Ave. for $42,000.

Spring Garden

Citizens Bank Pennsylvania to Donald Kahler and Walter Koziell at 2741 Spring Garden Ave. for $15,000.

Troy Hill

Marissa Gallagher to Lindsey Gallagher at 1420 Lowrie St. for $240,000.

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