Allegheny City Central

Robert Edgar to Jerry Casale Jr. and Amy Casale at 514 W. Jefferson St. for $100,000.
Anthony Brown to Robert Edgar at 514 W. Jefferson St. for $15,000.

Brighton Heights

Estate of Wilma Kowach to Travis Wanner at 3911 Brighton Road for $70,000.
US Bank NA trustee to Brighton Heights Citizens Federation at 3328 Fleming Ave. for $24,500.
Lisa Dunlap to Tatum Donahue et al. and Christopher Donahue at 1246 Goe Ave. for $145,000.
Travis Wanner to Jessica Balsamo at 3727 Millerton Ave. for $110,000.
F. Paul Loedding to Charles Linhart at 1103 Woods Run Ave. for $14,000.


Karen O’Neil trustee to Tina Karbacka at 1 Cemetery Ave. for $15,000.
David Manel et al. to Amy Langham at 1613 Myler St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $24,510).


Matthew Antram to Clinton and Kelly Linder at 1427 Juniata St. for $279,000.
Estate of Pauline McHenry to Douglas Allen Sharlow at 1442 Nixon St. for $40,000.


Sara Jean Ward to Colleen Dougherty at 1216 Ingham St. for $125,000.

Spring Hill

James Nordin et al. to Brannigan McClinton at 1314 Diana St. for $67,000.


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