Allegheny City Central

Michael Cole to Elizabeth Farina at 1203 Filson St. for $240,000.
Jonathan Bender to Monica Ko at 13 Alpine Ave. for $425,000.

Brighton Heights

Lauren Elizabeth Walkowski to Aaron Burger and Hannah Mercer at 1105 Davis Ave. for $300,000.
Pittsburgh Cash Buyers LLC to Graham Dearien and Meghan Lilly at 1620 Davis Ave. for $179,900.
Rosemarie Lang to Ruben McLaughlin and Laniece Oliver at 3322 Harbison St. for $152,900.
Estate of Kenneth Niedt to N William Good at 1017 Reiss St. for $140,000.
David Opferman to Colin Flaherty at 4001 Shoreham St. for $200,000.

Francis Lippert to SRB Construction LLC at 710 Woods Run Ave. for $42,000.*

Historic Deutschtown

Stephen Mortimer to Jose Borunda et al. and Patrick Mitchel at 519 Avery St. for $144,000.
Stephen Mortimer to Jose Borunda et al. and Patrick Mitchell at 521 Avery St. for $144,000.
TTB Realty LLC to Nathan Parente at 604 Emlin St. for $50,000.
Foreland Realty LLC to Nathan Parente at 611 Foreland St. for $50,000.


Jeffrey Brandau to John Kocka at 1226 Sheffield St. for $392,000.


Mason Kaufman to Tomlin Canam Holdings LLC at 319 Marshall Ave. for $64,000.
Aaron Anderson to Adam Eury at 1247 Dickson St. for $45,000.

Observatory Hill

Peter Rooke to Derek Long at 3244 Orleans St. for $300,000.

Spring Garden

Micah Rosa to Meghan Williams at 1006 Spring Garden Ave. for $130,000.

Troy Hill

Morgan Simon to Matthew Fisher at 1105 Goettman St. for $315,000.

*Editor’s note 12/10/2020: This listing has been added after the original post was published. 

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