East Deutschtown

Mary Besselman to 900 North Group LLC at 813 Suismon St. for $32,000.


Christy Deah O’Connell to Barrett and Morgan Lipkin at 1915 Meadville St. for $235,000.


Donna Morris to Barakah LLC at 3051 Brighton Road for $175,000.

Perry Hilltop

Timothy Donofrio et al. to Michael & Assoc. Inc. at 2 University Ave. for $388,000.

Spring Garden

Paula Marie Przybilinski to Citizens Bank Pennsylvania at 2741 Spring Garden Ave. for $6,090 by sheriff’s deed.

Spring Hill

Donna Dschuhan to Shelby Rose and Phillip Atkins at 1171 Serene St. for $130,000.


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