Northside Property Transfers: May 5-9, 2014


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Brighton Heights

Tony Louis Mieglitz to Clarence Watkins at 3306 Brighton Road for $3,000.

Carol Fiffas to Regis Paul McManus Jr. at 1133 Davis Ave. for $189,300.

Michael Joyner to Jennifer Lash at 3829 Wilksboro St. for $105,500.


Blue Mountain Homes LLC to SCAR Investments LLC at 6 Boston St. for $15,750.

Francine Gooden et al. to Northside Community Development Fund at Courtright St. for $1,974 by sheriff’s deed.

Baylon Sloan to Bear Brick Properties LLC at 1602 Forsythe St. for $23,750.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Landry Jr. & Assoc. LLC at 3048 Frederick St. for $8,000.


Jean Byrne to Devon and Sara Zimnox at 218 Belleau St. for $115,000.

Edward Early to Oakglade Realty Capital Partn. L.P. at 2124 Peekskill St. for $40,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Pittsburgh View Real Estate LLC to JEC Properties LLC at 609 E. Ohio St. for $145,000.

Ronald Purvis to Northside Worldwide Inc. at 1200 James St. for $300,000.

Youcef Djedid to Ye Liang and Roy Frye at 615 Tripoli St. for $144,000.

Supra Private RE Fund 1 LLC to Terry Raymond at 835 Tripoli St. for $49,000.


Theodore Prengaman to Celeste Kostelnik and Shawn Treece at 1315 W. North Ave. for $387,500.

Observatory Hill

Jabez Recovery LLC to Patrick and Caitlin Price at 4046 Vinceton St. for $32,640.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Oakglade Realty Capital Partn. at 431 Dunlap St. for $30,500.

Kathie Salamacha to Roderick Mason Jr. and Danitra Mason at 4047 Grizella St. for $149,000.

Timothy Tuinstra to Sharon Lynn and Timothy John Fuller at 131 Montana St. for $99,500.

Michael Lankes to Rearden Properties L.P. at 3338-3340 Portola St. for $32,500.

Cynthia Goggin to Bank America NA at 36 Watson Blvd. for $1,713 by sheriff’s deed.

Perry Hilltop

Estate of Ralph Stotts to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 2618 Leland St. for $1,800 by sheriff’s deed.

Spring Hill

Timothy Kelly to Maurice Garland Makay and Christina Marie Deasy at 43 Noster St. for $1,300.

Regis Pavlik to Joseph Valorie at 24 Schnittgen St. for $20,000.

Summer Hill

Estate of Mark Joseph Zelkovic to Charles and Renee Merlino at 4431 Cherryland St. for $96,000.

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