Allegheny City Central

Jason Mihalick to Rebecca Theodorou at 526 Armandale St. for $366,500.
Ervin Dyer to GT Property Holdings LLC at 110 Hemlock St. for $126,100.

Brighton Heights

Michael Artman to Michael Kuzin at 4026 Brandon Road for $177,500.
Michael McNerney to JW Korn Properties LLC at 4041 Brandon Road for $53,000.
Pamela Drazinski Zagar to Dominic Broglia at 3625 Harbison Ave. for $192,500.
A & J Holdings LLC to McChow Holdings LLC at 3925 Kleber St. for $130,000.
Sarah Mendak to Adam Schweigert at 3514 Massachusetts Ave. for $142,500.
Deuce Homes LLC to Kristin Synan at 3539 Simen Ave. for $216,000.
Stefan Stasak to Stephen Long at 3446 Sipe St. for $23,000.

East Deutschtown

Juan Herrera to Mohammed Ettadouni at 842 Lovitt Way for $33,500.

Historic Deutschtown

Jeffrey Evanson to Nathan Andrew Parente at 514 Suismon St. for $74,000.


Landry Jr. & Assoc. LLC to Golden Bridge Properties LLC at 2667 Brighton Road for $48,720.  

Observatory Hill

Eric Zechender to Segavepo LLC at 106 Watson Blvd. for $103,000.

Perry Hilltop

William Brogan III to David Brooks at 1845 Clayton Ave. Apt 302 for $171,169.

Spring Hill

Estate of Stephen Brady to LeeAnn Sherman at 1151 S Side Ave. for $105,000.

Summer Hill

Andrew DiCarlo to Donovan and Wyatt Schueler at 114 Montville St. for $100,000.

Troy Hill

Charles Boone to Arron Groomes at 1809 Lowrie St. for $65,000.
Bryan Werner to DavKel Properties LLC at 1920 Lowrie St. for $50,000.

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