Allegheny City Central

Creative Solutions Investments LLC to West Penn Allegheny Health System Inc. at Sandusky St. (LOT #:23-L-242) for $99,900.
Bradley Fisher to Dario Gnoato at 1521 Buena Vista St. for $615,000.
Estate of Kenneth Turner to Atlas Chance 1 LLC at 308 Jacksonia St. for $200,000.

Brighton Heights

Adam Hinatkovich to Sarah Hallett at 3464 Campus St. for $168,850.
Tracy Sherrill to Nicklaus Pfeil and Keri Plevniak at 3369 Harbison St. for $143,500.
Robert Hemmick IV trustee to Nicholas Batko and Brain Power at 321 Squire Circle for $230,000.

Charles Street Valley

John Williams to Gerald Fabiszewski at 2459 N Charles St. for $15,000.
Earl Stevenson to Golden Key Development LLC at 2901 N Charles St. for $7,000.

East Allegheny

Rickenbach Bros LLC to Joshua Carnell at 912 Rickenbach St. for $225,000.


Ravi Ramamoorthy to LP ACR LLC at 1314 Liverpool St. for $163,795.
Womens Christian Asn Pittsburgh to IOTA PHI Foundation Of Pittsburgh Inc. at 1423 Liverpool St. for $224,180.


Wesley Oliver to Positive Investments LLC at 1369 Oakhill St. for $55,000.
Nina Kelly to Cherry Renee Saunders at 2812 Pitler St. for $222,000.

Observatory Hill

Joseph Dutton IV to Hot Metal Holdings LLC at 349 Gould Ave. for $28,500.
Sharon Milstein to Davin James Chadwick and Katelyn Marie Schrader at 14 Radium St. for $133,000.

Perry Hilltop

Slam Home Properties LLC to David Denne at 1954 Perrysville Ave. for $140,000.
Chandler Wolf to Blue Magnet One LLC at 1958 Perrysville Ave. for $417,500.
St. Lawrence Properties LLC to Baley Irwin Enterprise LLC at 24 Ellzey St. for $5,000.
Willow Anderson to Ashley and Mackenzie Clyde at 2402 Osgood St. for $235,000.

Spring Garden

Janet Watkins to Maria Harangozo at Old Honesty St. (COMMERCIAL GARAGE – PARCEL ID #: 24-C-234) for $5,000.
Wayne Counsineau to Anthony and Margaret Spagnolo at 2412 Spring Garden Ave. for $43,000.

Spring Hill

Luke Frawley to Amit Property Holdings LLC at 1712 Rhine St. for $74,900.

Troy Hill

ADC Property Solutions LLC to John Degore at 1533 Hatteras St. for $278,000.

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