Allegheny City Central

Timothy Ohrum to Joshua Myron Oryhon and Jordan Leigh Gladys Oryhon at 1612 Monterey St. for $297,000.

Brighton Heights

George Reffert Jr. to William Schneider at 3304 Fleming Ave. for $10,000.
Eckenrod Rentals LLC to Thomas Pierce at 1808 Marmaduke St. for $94,000.
Estate of Robert Reese to Adam Eury at 3835 Mcfarland St. for $180,000.


Matthew Michaels to Pittsburgh Investors Group Inc. at 1306 Stranmore St. for $2,000.


Jeffrey Syfert to Kathleen and Rachel Julia Dobos at 862 Rothpletz St. for $85,000.
Ronald Mechelli to Gurparit and Charanjit Saggi at 1010 Woods Run Ave. for $79,000.

Perry Hilltop

Audrey Murrell to Ramon Waldon at 749 Chautauqua Ct for $30,000.
Estate of Thomas Branch to Elliott Branch at 137 Marshall Ave. for $143,500.

Spring Hill

Stephen Petko to NRI Relocation Inc. at 1904 Rockledge St. for $218,000.
NRI Relocation Inc. to Christian Giannone and Katya Lebedev at 1904 Rockledge St. for $218,000.

Summer Hill

Steel City Observer Investment Group LLC to Nicholas David Turner at 125 Van Buren St. for $117,000.

Troy Hill

Go Realty LLC to Harpster LLC at 1814 Harpster St. for $420,000.

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