Brighton Heights

Estate of Gertrude Long to Susa Investments LLC at 3536 Gerber Ave. for $95,000.
Thomas Hussar to Andrea Knapp at 3464 Harbison Ave. for $125,000.
Joseph Stromei to Elizabeth Campbell at 3742 Hiawatha St. for $180,000.
Lalita Stadler Wertz to Samantha Falls at 1626 Hybla St. for $138,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Gloria Maiolini to Peoples Properties LLC at 609 Avery St. for $140,000.


Advent Properties L.P. to Venusian Management Group 1 L.P. at 1332 Halsey Place for $15,000.
Connie LaRosa to Joseph Reznik III at 1113 Hodgkiss St. for $70,000.

Observatory Hill

Welcome Hill to Matthew Kearns at 19 Bonvue St. for $90,000.
Darlene Bourquin to Damar and Carolyn Ellis at 3404 Delaware St. for $127,900.
Theodore Krill to Daniel Dennehy and John Gaughan at 57 Waldorf St. for $75,000.

Perry Hilltop

Gregory Ross to Liliane Niyibizi at 505 Chautauqua St. for $35,000.
Estate of Grace Rudolph to Daniel Pritchett and Amy Pettis at 2459 Perrysville Ave. for $111,500.

Spring Garden

Uptime IT Systems Inc. to Warehousehouse LLC at 1428 High St. for $250,000.

Troy Hill

Brian Campbell to Stephen Weisbrod and Kyle Auman at 1630 Harpster St. for $244,000.
Ran Talisman to MAJK LLC at 1350 Herman St. for $40,500.
Paul Buncher to Dauber Henrikson Management LLC at 1114 Kilkenbeck St. for $110,000.

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