Brighton Heights

George Bencho III to Citylife North LLC at 3236-3238 California Ave. for $50,000.
Mark Heslet to James Robert Grill at 3447 Campus St. for $100,000.
Joseph Beerens to Jane Holland at 1137 Cornell St. for $240,000.
Marlex Properties LLC to Christopher Corbett at 2033-2031 Termon Ave. for $70,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Matthew David Gailey to Nicholas Marchuck at 426 Lockhart St. for $310,000.
October Real Estate Holdings LLC to Nicholas and Jessica Esposito at 734 Middle St. for $508,000.


Corey Pistininzi to KAG Ltd. 2 LLC at 1417 N Franklin St. for $75,000.
Corey Pistininzi to KAG Ltd. 2 LLC at 1419-1421 N Franklin St. for $277,125.
Ravi Ramamoorthy to SF-ACR LLC at 1122 Sheffield St. for $230,000.
Adolphus Banks to Melanie Batts at 1244 Sheffield St. for $330,000.


Rocc Holdings LLC to VDE Property LLC at 1324 Complete St. for $68,000.
Shane Witt to King Of Hill LLC at 1340 Complete St. for $20,000.
Rosemary DeBar to Purva Mohnot at 2706 Holbrook St. for $6,800.
Estate of Herman Winters Jr. to Kamar Williams trustee at 1429 Woodland Ave. for $50,519.

Observatory Hill

Corey Conroy to Daniel Roach and Trisha Scott at 114 Montana St. for $155,000.
Brian Clonan to Elizabeth Duckett at 37 Waldorf St. for $98,500.
Estate of Anthony Aubrecht to SFR3 LLC at 253 Watson Blvd. for $98,000.
Observatory Hill Development Corp. to Corey Doyle at Baytree St. for $1,200. (VACANT LAND – Parcel ID: 0116-A-00285-0000-00)

Perry Hilltop

SME Real Estate LLC to Amy Collins at 2243 Federal St. Ext. for $222,500.

Spring Garden

Mark Braun to Wayne Vincent Thompson at 1453 Spring Garden Ave. for $40,000.
Suhyda LLC to Daniel Shane at 1239 Welser Way for $63,156.

Spring Hill

Walter Chancellor to OT Limited at 1814 Gebhart St. for $13,224.*

*Editor’s note: This listing was added on 5/28/2021. We regret the delay.

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