Allegheny City Central

Robert Sechler to Michael Bellini and Peggy Wang at 1226 Palo Alto St. for $365,000.

Barbara Alexander to Henry Burke and Daniel Cody Burke Sweet at 1366 Federal St. for $337,500.

Allegheny West

Pittsburgh City to Coralie Kartesz at 1012 Abdell St. for $51,480.

Brighton Heights

Brylee Taylor Kopel to John Vera at 3716 Atkins St. for $215,000.

Steven Higgins to Melissa Bizub at 1557 Cooper Ave. for $100,000.

Albert Sieffert estate et al. to TB Property Investment LLC at 1816 Perrott St. for $120,000.

Stephen Chesney to Steven Miller at 188 Richbarn Road for $148,000.



Ronald Laffey to Alexandria Romantic at 2607 Brighton Road for $53,000.

Timothy Grant to Gethsemane Place LLC at 3041 Shadeland Ave. for $10,000.

Debra Green to 1110 Speck Street Trust at 1110 Speck St. for $16,000.


Estate of Margaret Towns to Craig Chu and Charles Allen Mills at 216 Cemetery Ave. for $104,000.


Typ 2 LLC to Michael Kroeker and Samuel Moore at 1117 Fulton St. for $310,000.

E Properties & Development LLC to Able Development 601 LLC at 1016 Liverpool St. for $30,000.


Observatory Hill

Krista Cogan to Robert Beerman at 3815 Baytree St. for $70,000.

United Methodist Church Union to Robert Marshall Jr. and Quinn Marshall at 3727 Perrysville Ave. for $158,000.

William Russell to Conland Services LLC at 212 Watson Blvd. for $79,000.

Spring Hill

PNC Bank NA to Kalman Szabo at 868 Vista St. for $27,226.


Summer Hill

Joshua Edmiston to Ian and Christina Smith at 4448 Cerise St. for $199,000.

Troy Hill

Derek Soose to Colleen McCary Reyburn and Raymond Edward Hall at 1845 Ley St. for $52,000.

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