Allegheny City Central

Estate of Margaret Ethel Bolen to Stayton Street Properties LLC at 112 McNary Way for $45,000.


Joseph Merlina to John McCurry at 223 Bascom Ave. for $145,000.
First National Bank PA to Prashan Heran Thiagarajah at 3442 Fleming Ave. for $26,000.
Tracey A Neibauer Reilly to Peter Daniel Schwab at 1312 Malden St. for $27,760.
Anna Marie Elker Dillon to Elite Property Rentals LLC at 1812 Marmaduke St. for $40,000.

Historic Deutschtown

PinRe Holdings L.P. to Vaibhav Khatri at 518 Pressley St. for $450,000.


Grady Thomas to Lunchbox Capital LLC at 1124 Sheffield St. for $90,000.

Troy Hill

Kyle Hackmeister to Daniel Bracken Jr. and Erin Anderson at 1356 Lowrie St. for $310,000.

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