Allegheny City Central

Shirley Musselwhite to Brian Teyssier and Lynn Sullivan at 1318 Boyle St. for $110,000.

Allegheny West

Ingrid Berglund to Joseph Lewis III and Lydia Wardi at 914 Beech Ave. for $585,000.

Brighton Heights

Mildred Malay to Tlung Hoen and Rai Kit at 3325 Harbison St. for $159,900.
Lucas Windisch to Joshua Krull at 307 Squire Circle for $195,000.


Fernell Thomas to Santos Albert at 953 Lysle St. for $8,538.

East Deutschtown

Estate of Terry Raymond to 816 Spring Garden Enterprises LLC at 835 Tripoli St. for $45,000.
Canaima Realty LLC to Casey Harewood and Kelsey Hillock at 839 Tripoli St. for $271,000.


Francis Cerra to Jsoeph Bernardi and Victoria Black at 1314 Complete St. for $42,800.
George Reffert III to William Schneider at 1221 Courtright St. for $5,000.
Larry Dixon to H Dent Properties LLC at 2349 McCook St. for $60,000.
Estate of Thomas Kyle to Jun Chung at 3126 Wadlow St. for $60,000.

Observatory Hill

Terrance Henne to Thomas and Maureen Uhler at 3506 Perrysville Ave. for $42,050.
Nicholas Falcone to Sun Chang and Benjamin Greenwood at 4001 Portman Ave. for $134,900.

Perry Hilltop

Larry Dixon to H Dent Properties LLC at 232 Kennedy Ave. for $118,000.

Spring Garden

Daniel Rhodes Jr. to City Living Properties LLC at 1117-1119 Spring Garden Ave. for $160,000.

Troy Hill

Frank Cunniff to McChaar Management Co. at 1827 Lowrie St. for $110,000.
David Guenther to Nicholas and Nichole Niedermayer at 2131 Lowrie St. for $75,000.

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