Allegheny City Central

Jonathan Michael Weber to James Wick at 517 Jacksonia St. for $225,000.

Debra Smallwood to Jefferson Town Homes at 517 W. Jefferson St. for $115,000.

Brighton Heights

Corey Pistininzi to Eric Yarnell at 3904 Brighton Road for $149,900.

TJG Holdings LLC to 3532 California Avenue LLC at California Ave. for $408,000.

Glow Properties LLC to 360 Ridgewood LLC at 3400 California Ave. for $115,000.

Debra Novak to TAF Capital LLC at 3806 Wealth St. for $83,040.



Landry Jr. & Assoc. LLC to Northside Properties R&S LLC at 1941 Sedgwick St. for $3,500.

East Deustchtown

Dorian Kenleigh to Kevin Welty and Elizabeth Beresford at 841 Tripoli St. for $199,000.


Wells Fargo Bank NA trustee to Longshore Places LLC at 1710 Meadville St. for $17,001.

Michael Flaherty to Brent Loverti at 1911 Meadville St. for $205,000.


Historic Deutschtown

Kristi Lynn Senko to Jermaine Cuyler at 613 Suismon St. for $530,000.

Kristi Lynn Senko to Jermaine Cuyler at Suismon St. for $45,000.


Walz Street Venture LLC to Shaun William Carlson and Valerie Lynn Reeves at 1214 Pennsylvania Ave. for $199,900.

Observatory Hill

Brandon Cahall to John Arlet at 4030 Franklin Road for $100,000.

Annette McGaha to Avid Holdings 1801 LLC at 3215 Orleans St. for $50,000.


Perry Hilltop

Michael Thompson to Dennis Patrick and Julia Dawson Allan at 2212 Osgood St. for $241,000.

CPA Homes LLC to Marcello Castano Garcia at 12 W. McIntyre Ave. for $14,000.

Summer Hill

Shawn Luff to Nicholas Diulus and Kenzie Pape at 4461 Cerise St. for $193,000.

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