Allegheny City Central

Thomas Olson to William Duff and Sara Gopal at E Jefferson St. (VACANT LAND) for $60,000.


Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority to Northside Properties R&S LLC at 1016 Morrison St. for $5,000.

East Deutschtown

Donald Mueller to Andrew Moore at 922 Phineas St. for $67,500.


Commercial Storage Leasing Co. to Allegheny City Warehouse LLC at 923-1019 Bidwell St. (OFFICE/WAREHOUSE) for $5,070,000.


Ryan Christoff to Lucas Gates at 2335 Atmore St. for $40,000.
Amir Harris to Palais Real Estate LLC at 2700-2702 California Ave. (THREE FAMILY) for $55,000.

Spring Hill

James Tew to Shawn Lemon at 2100 Rockledge St. for $176,000.

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